Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Creativity and the Creative Aspect of Fire

Summer is here - the part of the year when we deal most closely with the element of Fire. Being a Leo, this element is very near and dear to my heart. As with most Leos, this is an important aspect of my life - I even have the astrological symbol tattooed (wow that word looks strange spelled out, doesn't it? Tattooed...) on my right shoulder. Leos are (generally) considered to be proud, somewhat vain, strong, charismatic, passionate, etc. Essentially, characteristics that one would use to describe the element of Fire.

But in today's world, its pretty hard to feel "Fiery" all the time.

So how do you reconnect with fire? Earth, you can sit outside, walk through the woods, or pick up a rock. For water, you can go swim, or even just shower. And even air, you can walk outside, taking in the cool breeze. These three elements are all around us all the time. But Fire? That's a different story. You can't just jump into a volcano or walk into a burning building (well I suppose you could, but I don't recommend it) to connect with Fire. So what do you do?

Create, would be my answer. Odd, I know. We generally think of Fire as an element of destruction. But it hasn't always been that way.

In Celtic Paganism, we learn about 3 elements and the three worlds which correspond to them - Land, Sea, and Sky, Middle World, Lower World, and Upper World respectively. But we ALSO learn about Fire, the energy which connects the three like a pillar, allowing the energy to flow between the worlds. We learn of Bridget, Triple Goddess of Fire. And yet, with her fire, she heals, she inspires, she's a blacksmith. All with the power of Fire.

In Norse Paganism, we learn of the story of creation. There existed a void, with the World of Ice far to the North, and the World of Fire far to the South. One day, the heat from the Fire met the cold of the Ice, and from that union of Energies, creation began. Fire (here) is one of the two principal elements of creation.

Christianity has certainly gone and made Fire scary. "Burning in the pits of Hell, lake of Fire, Fire and brimstone." Even the Middle ages, burning Witches (well, both Witches and "Witches), gays, Jews, blacks, etc sure made Fire an "element to be avoided." But even for those Christians among you, I would like to refer to you to one of the earliest stories of the Bible, Moses and the Burning Bush. Here, God reveals the fullness of his glory through a bush that is on fire, and yet is never consumed. And this fire is so bright, that as I recall, Moses had to avert his eyes to keep from being blinded by its splendor. And the Archangel Michael (called upon by Christians, Muslims, and Pagans alike) is the Angel of Fire, who offers us protection from that which would harm us. So Fire? Not always so scary.

About two years ago during a meditation, I asked Spirit to help me reconnect with Fire, and the answer I received was, "You can never connect to fire until you understand both its ability to destroy, as well as its ability to create." I was asked what "creative" thing I had done involving the element of Fire, and I was unable to answer, which was very disheartening.

Then again recently, though this time during a rune reading, the same idea arose again. That I couldn't move forward with my life in the direction I am meant to go until I can find that creative principle of Fire, and begin to understand it.

Since then I think I've done fairly well in at least moving in the right direction. This blog, to me, is a part of that journey. I carve wands, which represent the force of will, and in many traditions, Fire. I'm trying much harder to find that creative aspect.

But do you know what I think really embodies Fire is a wonderful way? Fireworks. In some cases, they are/were/are a tool of war. But also, in many cases, they create beautiful pictures and shows, where they light up the sky with their beauty.

So especially with the Sun's entry into Leo coming up soon (on July 21st to be precise, which also happens to be the day of a Solar Eclipse, AND the day of the New Moon - powerful day for Solar energy, eh?), spend some time connecting to Fire, since it seems to be an element forgotten in our day to day lives. It is the energy which drives us, empowers us, protects us, and keeps us strong. And even where Fire destroys, it is only to make room for new growth. Think of the Phoenix, rising from the ashes.

Thank you Fire.

Have a blessed day.


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